Replace Your Expensive T1 & PRI Circuits

– Start using SIP PRI Trunks to Trim Telecom Costs and Improve Efficiency

Cloud9Phone’s SIP Trunking service uses your existing broadband Internet connection for access or we’ll install a dedicated circuit based on your capacity needs. Our SIP Trunks use the global power of the Internet to provide a significant savings and robust features that the traditional carriers can’t offer.

Our SIP Trunks provides important features:

  • Crystal Clear Call Quality
  • Save 40-80% compared to AT&T, Comcast, Frontier, Verizon
  • Up tp 72 Voice Channels Per SIP Trunking Circuit
  • Keep your existing telephone numbers
  • Subscribe to blocks of additional DID telephone numbers anywhere in the USA
  • Automatic Fail-Over, in the event of power outage or circuits down.
  • Connect multiple locations and PBX equipment seamlessly together

Using your Customer Admin Portal customers have access to our easy and powerful web based portal. Using your portal, you can remotely manage your services features from any Internet connected computer, Android Phone, Tablet, iPhone, iPad.

TOP 10 Benefits of Switching to SIP Trunks:
  1. SAVE 40-80% by eliminating the phone company’s expensive T1.5 and PRI Circuits
  2. Eliminate static prone traditional analog P.O.T’s lines
  3. Sophisticated Features like “On Demand Re-Routing Protection”
  4. Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  5. Easy to use online web dashboard to review call records, change features and more
  6. Simple, No equipment changeover or disruption to services
  7. Keep your existing Telephone Numbers
  8. Dependable, high quality & consistent service
  9. Local Customer Care & Technical Support
  10. Happiness Guarantee – 30-day money back guarantee
SIP Trunks Feature Package Includes

Connecting SIP Trunks to your Existing System is easy:

There are two ways of connecting your PBX to CLoud9Phone’s SIP Trunks:

  • If you have a PBX (Hardware or Software) that is already SIP capable, or it has a SIP gateway add-on, you most likely will be able to directly connect to our Digital SIP Lines & Trunking service. by entering the service credentials and licensing key we provide you.
  • Alternatively, with traditional telephone systems, we’ll use our Digital SIP Trunk Gateway o connect your existing telephone equipment to our service. This gateway connects to the Internet and provides the SIP Trunking access for your PBX System.





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