With Cloud9Phone's 4G-LTE Internet Backup Service, if your primary Internet connection should drop, it will automatically failover and use our Enterprise 4G-LTE Cellular Data service provided by AT&T or Verizon, as geography and signal strength determines during activation.

Typical speeds are approx. 15MB up/down, includes 1-Static IP, so we can keep your business running smoothly, even when your primary Internet drops out.


  1. Automatic failover to 4G LTE Cellular and reversal upon circuit restoration
  2. Full firewall router with vpn, vlan, QoS, permissions and more
  3. Simple deployment, scalable to any size or need
  4. Keep's both voice & data connected
  5. Insure Credit Card systems & POS Point of Sale stay online and processing transactions
  6. Maintain access to CCTV surveillance systems and cameras
  7. Protect mission critical applications and services
  8. Affordable business disaster continuity solution
  9. Local & Nationwide Deployments
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