Switching to Cloud9Phone is Easy!

Right from the beginning you’ll notice that Cloud9Phone is different than other Conventional or Internet telephone companies, and that difference extends from our sales channel to our Expert Onsite Installation & Training Service.

Here’s a quick overview of how easy it works:

1. Speak with a Cloud9Phone Telecom Representative.  They will review your telecom requirements, existing telephone equipment & telephone bill.  You’ll receive a written recommendation based on your specific business needs and budget. Included in your quote will be the details of how much if/any new equipment will cost, and it will also show how much money you’ll save by switching to Cloud9Phone.

2. Once you have approved the order, we’ll get started pre-configuring your service and prepare it for activation/installation. We will also begin the process of moving existing telephone numbers (voice & fax) over to the Cloud9Phone network.

3. Our Expert Onsite Installation Team will install and train you on your new Cloud9Phone Telephone Equipment.  We’ll install our new service alongside your existing telephone system. This phased installation keeps you up and running during the installation process.

4. Once the service installation is complete, you can cancel your previous telephone provider.

Please have a Cloud9Phone Expert contact me regarding phone service for my business.

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