What is VoIP & SIP and how can it help my business?

Simply stated; SIP, VoIP, FoIP are just protocols that CONVERTS, your voice or fax into a data packet that is then transmitted over the Internet to us at Cloud9Phone.

Once this voice or fax stream reaches our network, we route the call to one of our end-point switches nearest to your calling destination. At that point, we hand off the call to a local telephone provider like AT&T, Verizon, Pactel, etc. to complete the final leg of the call.

Even the traditional telephone companies like AT&T, Comcast, Frontier and Verizon all use these protocols to transmit your existing voice calls through-out 70% of their higher networks. So you are already using SIP & VoIP even when your calling from your Grandma’s kitchen phone.

Companies like Skype & Vonage have been selling variation of this Internet service for years. In fact most of the World’s Fortune 1000 companies all use VoIP Technology. It has provided them with the ability to connect all of their world wide office’s together as one cohesive corporate telephone system.

NOW it’s available to help the small & mid sized companies of America. The real engine behind our great nation and provider of employment for the majority of American’s.


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